Teeny Tiny Chocolate Chip Cookies

These Lilliputian cookies are my standard chocolate chip, and they are a welcome addition to a child’s tea party. My little one cannot say his “L’s” yet, and he described these as “deyightful.”

They remind me of that old-school cereal Cookie Crisp, but I’m sure these taste much better (although I wouldn’t recommend eating them by the bowlful. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t do it, I just wouldn’t recommend it.)

About the size of quarters, it is much more satisfying to eat three of these, than half a regular-sized cookie (my toddler’s usual portion).

Try it with your favorite cookie recipe. Use a teaspoon to dole out the dough, then cook at the normal temperature for less time–you’ll have to watch to figure out the right amount. I typically bake my chocolate chip cookies for about 10 minutes, and these cooked up in about half the time.

I hope your kiddo is as deyighted as mine! (These would also be a fun nibble at a fancy party.)


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