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Chopped Salad

My kids have a secret dinner-time plot. They have pledged to NEVER both like the same dish at the same time, unless it is straight up noodles and butter (no parsley, no garlic, no lemon no black pepper–just salted butter, thank you.) Anything and everything else I cook, one of them has an issue. It […]

Raw Kale Salad

Despite the drought, my garden is flourishing (thanks to my drip irrigation and marsh hay mulch). I WAYover-planted summer squash (more on that later), and I have an abundance of kale. I typically blanch and freeze kale for winter soups and stir fries, but I’ve been eating plenty of it in salads this summer. The […]

Simple Salad, Summer in a Bowl: Corn, Tomato, Green Bean, Cucumber Salad

This is a perfect summer salad: not too much effort, and it takes advantage of late summer’s bounty. Because it is so simple, it truly relies on the best tasting produce to elevate it. Most importantly is the corn – find the sweetest, freshest corn you can. Ripe, local tomatoes are a must too. If […]

Ravioli Salad with Cilantro Pumpkinseed Pesto

It has been far too long. Summer, traveling, work, family, a feeble attempt to work out from time to time and several good books have kept me from posting here. But I haven’t stopped cooking (or photographing), so I do have some splendid things to share with you–including several preserving recipes. So if you have […]

Antipasto Salad

It’s hot, you have lots to do. Preheating the oven should not be part of your dinner prep. This salad is an easy summer supper or a great potluck dish. During my first pregnancy, I craved meat. I wasn’t a big meat eater, so maybe I needed the protein? Who knows why these things happen. […]