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Asparagus Tempura and Sriracha Mayonnaise

I inherited a 30′ x 2′ asparagus bed. It’s hopelessly, ridiculously weedy, so it doesn’t produce as much as you might think. But it does produce a lot–my family of four can have asparagus with dinner every night for six weeks. That is, if everyone in the family would actually eat it. I love it […]


As a blogger, I get frequent emails to try out one product or another. My rule is to turn them down unless it is something I’d consider buying myself. This means I turn down most of them. But when I was approached by Lori Fredrich of the famed Milwaukee blog Burp┬áto sample and develop two […]

Local Specialty: Rush Creek Reserve

  Uplands Cheese Company, out of Dodgeville, WI is the result of two families and farms harmonizing–coming together to do something unique and special amid today’s giant factory farms. The Gingrich’s and the Patenaude’s house a dairy farm and creamery on Pleasant Ridge in the striking, undulating driftless region of Wisconsin. The two types of […]

Fried Green Tomatoes

It’s officially over–tank tops and shorts have been replaced with jeans and a sweater. I’m drinking hot tea instead of lemon and mint-spiked ice water. The ice cream machine is at the back of the cupboard–but there’s a plum crisp in the oven. But I think I can squeeze in one last summer recipe. As […]

How does your garden grow?

Come August, if you want a little of this action, it’s time to start planting (or at least planning.) I could go on and on about the virtues of planting and harvesting your own food – it’s the ultimate way to go local. The food is a few feet and minutes away from your mouth […]