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Chocolate Cherry Muffins

It’s the first day of the new year. I should be posting something wholesome and healthy, but one of my boys asked me to make scones for breakfast. Our butter supply has been completely depleted by Christmas cookie baking, so we opted for muffins instead. The fact that muffins are simpler to make than scones […]

Zucchini Cherry Muffins

I enjoy a nice muffin – not the oversize, oversweet muffins that you’d buy at the store or a coffeehouse, but a good home-baked muffin – made in a regular-sized muffin tin. My grandmother would often serve a blueberry muffin with dinner, in lieu of a dinner roll. My mom continued this tradition. As a […]

Sour Cherry Ice Cream

Sour cherry season has come…and gone. Truth be told, I almost missed it. I had big plans to go to the Dane County Farmer’s Market to get a flat of sour cherries from Carandale Farm, but the cherries are only at the market for 2-3 weeks tops. AND I MISSED IT! Now that we live […]