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Asparagus Tempura and Sriracha Mayonnaise

I inherited a 30′ x 2′ asparagus bed. It’s hopelessly, ridiculously weedy, so it doesn’t produce as much as you might think. But it does produce a lot–my family of four can have asparagus with dinner every night for six weeks. That is, if everyone in the family would actually eat it. I love it […]

Decadent Asparagus

The asparagus patch is still producing at a prolific rate, and we’re only getting a tiny bit tired of it. I decided to fancy up our usual simmered with butter fare with some aioli and a nice roast in the oven. It’s indulgent, but delicious. You’ll want to serve it with something simple, like a […]

Simple Asparagus

The asparagus patch is in full production, and we get a good sized bunch about every other day – sometimes everyday if we’ve had rain and then some warm temperatures. In the past, I’ve always sauteed or steamed my asparagus. Steaming is nice, but unless you have one of those tall, narrow pots just for […]

Springtime Lasagna

I realize that lasagna isn’t a very ‘springy dish’, but if you throw enough springtime vegetables in, it counts, right? I chose to make lasagna because 1) it’s an easy dish to make in parts during naptimes (both my son’s and mine) and  2) I’m planning on freezing the leftovers so that we will have […]