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Chopped Salad

My kids have a secret dinner-time plot. They have pledged to NEVER both like the same dish at the same time, unless it is straight up noodles and butter (no parsley, no garlic, no lemon no black pepper–just salted butter, thank you.) Anything and everything else I cook, one of them has an issue. It […]

Naughty Bars

How can you resist a name like Naughty Bars? I found these a few months ago in the Penzey’s Spices catalog. I ripped it out and stuffed it in a cupboard  and came across it during some New Year’s cleaning. The organizing resolution soon became the downfall of the ‘eat less sugar’ resolution, as I […]

Top Ten Tallgrass Kitchen Posts of 2011

Happy New Year! 2012–it sounds so  ridiculously futuristic, yet here we are. I thought I’d kick off the new year with a little retrospective. Last year was my second year of blogging and the number of you fair folks visiting more than doubled–thank you! Looking over the year’s most popular posts, I can say that you […]

Mango Curry Chicken

This is by no means authentic, but it comes together quickly and is a great way to introduce children to the taste of curry (if they haven’t had it before.) There are other familiar, sweet flavors (cinnamon, fruit) to ease them into this ‘exotic’ flavor. My two-year-old ate multiple servings. Hint: This dish is only […]

Baking for 9 months…

Please excuse the lack of new posts and recipes! Amidst all of the cookies, snacks, and dinners, we’ve been baking something else for approximately 9 months. Our second son joined us early in the morning on April 27th. All are doing well, but for now I’m having a few family members do the cooking around […]