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Creamy Roasted Carrot Soup (vegan) and the Tale of my Very Short Love Affair with Cashew Cream

Vegan, paleo, traditional–there’s a lot of different ways to eat out there. I like to skim the best from varied approaches, allowing me to eat some really, really good food and enjoy everything in moderation. I typically draw the line when certain eating lifestyles create substitutes to simulate foods that cannot be enjoyed on said […]

White Bean Soup

The beans are white, but the soup is a richly hued orange. It’s warm, comforting, with subtle notes of fennel polished by a good olive oil. If your beans are cooked, it’s fairly quick to put together. We enjoyed it with warm rolls and glasses of milk. I’m sure the more sophisticated among you can […]

Weeknight Dinner: Red Lentil Soup

This was devoured before I could take a photo of the finished soup–on three separate occasions. This one is popular with everyone in my family, from husband down to infant. There aren’t many meals with such mass appeal. It is very flavorful, but not spicy (you could easily spice it up before by not seeding […]

Creamy Cauliflower Soup

We had a week of lovely spring weather–just enough to coax the rhubarb and crocuses out of their earthy beds. Now we’re back to thirty degree days and long underwear. Time for one last velvety, comforting, pureed soup. If your household is on the fence about cauliflower, give this a try. It highlights the veggie’s […]

Sunchoke Soup with Parsley Coulis

Sunchokes, also known as Jerusalem artichokes, are something I had avoided for years. I’m normally very open when it comes to trying new foods, especially plants. But there was something about this knobby little tuber that just looked, well, difficult. Hard to scrub, challenging to peel, and maybe just not worth it. Well, I’m here […]