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Asparagus Tempura and Sriracha Mayonnaise

I inherited a 30′ x 2′ asparagus bed. It’s hopelessly, ridiculously weedy, so it doesn’t produce as much as you might think. But it does produce a lot–my family of four can have asparagus with dinner every night for six weeks. That is, if everyone in the family would actually eat it. I love it […]

Chopped Salad

My kids have a secret dinner-time plot. They have pledged to NEVER both like the same dish at the same time, unless it is straight up noodles and butter (no parsley, no garlic, no lemon no black pepper–just salted butter, thank you.) Anything and everything else I cook, one of them has an issue. It […]

Fried Green Tomatoes

It’s officially over–tank tops and shorts have been replaced with jeans and a sweater. I’m drinking hot tea instead of lemon and mint-spiked ice water. The ice cream machine is at the back of the cupboard–but there’s a plum crisp in the oven. But I think I can squeeze in one last summer recipe. As […]

Raw Kale Salad

Despite the drought, my garden is flourishing (thanks to my drip irrigation and marsh hay mulch). I WAYover-planted summer squash (more on that later), and I have an abundance of kale. I typically blanch and freeze kale for winter soups and stir fries, but I’ve been eating plenty of it in salads this summer. The […]

Roasted Curried Cauliflower

Cauliflower is a popular vegetable for being unpopular, and I’m not sure why. It’s not green, it’s rather sweet, and similar to zucchini, willingly takes on the flavor of any accompaniments. My husband was a proclaimed hater until we began feeding pureed cauliflower to our first baby. He gave it a taste, and decided that […]