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Where am I?

I’m sitting on the floor, head in my hands, listening to my three-year-old scream through yet another temper tantrum. I’m laying in bed with a 100+ degree fever, shivering and aching from my temples to the joints in my toes. I’m in Las Vegas, trying to find a delicious yet affordable restaurant on my iPad, […]

Grilled Pizza How-to

I’ve been MIA. Lots of other writing (I’ll share soon), lots of family illnesses (hopefully spring and a renewed commitment to probiotics will help), and not a lot of sleep. But there is cooking to be done and gardens to grow. You will be hearing more from me, more often in the coming weeks. If […]

Winter Weeknight Curry

This is one of my most frequent go-to meals. I love squash curry, and once you have dealt with the butternut squash, the rest of the preparation is quick and easy. If you have difficulty peeling and chopping butternut squashes, having a sharp chef’s knife and a good vegetable peeler are crucial. I wash my […]

Weeknight Dinner: Red Lentil Soup

This was devoured before I could take a photo of the finished soup–on three separate occasions. This one is popular with everyone in my family, from husband down to infant. There aren’t many meals with such mass appeal. It is very flavorful, but not spicy (you could easily spice it up before by not seeding […]

Smoky Red Enchilada Sauce

Ahh…enchilada sauce! I love enchiladas, but I ¬†almost never make them at home. I was under the misconception that it was a lot of work (soaking dried¬†chilies) and used ingredients not readily available to me. I’m sure this is very true for something uber-traditional, but this version is very tasty, and very fast. You can […]