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Chopped Salad

My kids have a secret dinner-time plot. They have pledged to NEVER both like the same dish at the same time, unless it is straight up noodles and butter (no parsley, no garlic, no lemon no black pepper–just salted butter, thank you.) Anything and everything else I cook, one of them has an issue. It […]

Where am I?

I’m sitting on the floor, head in my hands, listening to my three-year-old scream through yet another temper tantrum. I’m laying in bed with a 100+ degree fever, shivering and aching from my temples to the joints in my toes. I’m in Las Vegas, trying to find a delicious yet affordable restaurant on my iPad, […]

Winter Weeknight Curry

This is one of my most frequent go-to meals. I love squash curry, and once you have dealt with the butternut squash, the rest of the preparation is quick and easy. If you have difficulty peeling and chopping butternut squashes, having a sharp chef’s knife and a good vegetable peeler are crucial. I wash my […]

Whole Chicken in a Slow Cooker

  The aroma of roast chicken evokes Sunday dinners at Grandma’s. Crisp, golden skin, juicy meat, tender vegetables flavored with drippings, bones simmered into golden stock, and leftovers. The frugality of a whole chicken allows me to purchase a really good chicken. And with something so simple as roasted chicken, well-pedigreed poultry makes a difference.  If […]

Antipasto Salad

It’s hot, you have lots to do. Preheating the oven should not be part of your dinner prep. This salad is an easy summer supper or a great potluck dish. During my first pregnancy, I craved meat. I wasn’t a big meat eater, so maybe I needed the protein? Who knows why these things happen. […]