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Blood Orange and Vanilla Bean Soda

Think of it as sophisticated orange cream soda. The vivid sunset of blood orange juice paired with the intoxicating aroma of vanilla beans in a simple syrup that is as beautiful as it is delicious. Add it to seltzer for soda, or bubbly for a showstopping champagne cocktail. Blood oranges are in season for a […]

Pink Lemonade, Naturally

It’s a hundred plus degrees here today. From what I hear, many of you across the country are experiencing the same. What better to beat the heat than an ice cold glass of pink lemonade? No pink powder in this one–just lemons, sugar, water, and raspberries. Isn’t the color amazing?

The Local (Smoothie)

In college, friends and I would occasionally eat at a¬†fancy little sandwich shop near our dorm. It was ridiculously expensive for our meager college budget ($7 a sandwich!), but the grub was yummy. The sandwiches¬†had kitschy names–my favorite was ‘the Thanksgiving. Roasted turkey, mayo, cranberry sauce, AND stuffing. Now that I’ve got you drooling and […]

Apricot Buttermilk Shakes

I found Wisconsin apricots at the Farmer’s Market the other weekend – I might have to look into what it would take to grow my own. Apricots are a lovely little stone fruit – bright and tart, with an unassuming peel and an easy to remove pit. My toddler ate two a day for a […]

Kid Snacks: Monkey Malt

Before my son tries a new food (and sometimes before every meal) he asks me if a monkey would eat this. If a monkey would, he’s all set. This seems like an odd dietary restriction, but I think if more people followed the ‘monkey diet’, they might be better off. I looked up ‘howler monkey’ […]