Top Ten Tallgrass Kitchen Posts of 2011

Happy New Year! 2012–it sounds so  ridiculously futuristic, yet here we are.

I thought I’d kick off the new year with a little retrospective. Last year was my second year of blogging and the number of you fair folks visiting more than doubled–thank you!

Looking over the year’s most popular posts, I can say that you guys like your desserts, and I can’t blame you one bit. Although I hope to continue bringing you healthy and budget friendly offerings for you and your family this year, I can guarantee you there will be plenty of goodies.

Top Ten Posts of 2011

1. Thanks to a recipe review from The Kitchn, my Meyer Lemon Sugar cookie recipe was far and away the most viewed. Meyer lemons should be popping up at a store near you very soon!

2. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Pretzel Cookies, ’nuff said.

3. Caramel Popcorn with Condensed Milk–caramel popcorn nirvana, for those who like it chewy.

4. Iced Sugar Cookie Cutouts–there isn’t a birthday party or cookie platter around that isn’t made more festive with one of these. Although I’ve recently switched my go-to sugar cookie recipe to Martha Stewart’s sugar cookies. So buttery, so good.

5. Peanut Butter Chocolate and Banana Chip Cookies (aka Monkey Cookies). These are a huge hit with the littles.

6. Chocolate Rhubarb Cookies-I know, these sound a little strange, but the tartness of the rhubarb compliments the chocolate. Think chocolate covered sour cherries.

7. Banana Stackers–a fun little breakfast or snack for the kiddos.

8. Whoopie Pies, a great alternative to the ubiquitous cupcake.

9. Pulled Pork Tamale Pie-the first dinner to make the list!

10. And another dinner! Fried Tofu and Cabbage with Peanut Sauce.

Happy New Year from Tallgrass Kitchen!