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Chicken Chickpea Pasta

I’ve been inundating you with desserts lately – not that there’s anything wrong with that, but when I looked in my queue, there are several more desserts to come, so I though I should toss in a quick and healthy dinner. This dish is a breeze, and it’s kid-friendly (although it’s not very photogenic.) The […]

Springtime Lasagna

I realize that lasagna isn’t a very ‘springy dish’, but if you throw enough springtime vegetables in, it counts, right? I chose to make lasagna because 1) it’s an easy dish to make in parts during naptimes (both my son’s and mine) and  2) I’m planning on freezing the leftovers so that we will have […]

Lemon Garlic Pasta

I THINK spring is actually here…we still may have some chilly days ahead of us here in the Upper Midwest, but my rhubarb is peeking up, asparagus is venturing forth, and I’ve worn shorts. (Although the shorts thing isn’t very indicative of the weather, since I’m hugely pregnant and am throwing off heat like a […]

Pea Pasta

This recipe is one of Ina Garten’ s (of Barefoot Contessa fame), and was featured in Oprah’s magazine years and years ago. I don’t have the actual recipe, and I’m sure I’ve changed it a bit. I make it all the time. It is simple, uses pantry staples, and offers a bright, clean flavor that […]