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Mississippi Pancakes

Growing up, my dad regularly made pancakes on Saturday mornings. Prepared with Bisquick, served with butter and a healthy pour of Mrs. Butterworth’s. I remember my pancake breakfast preparation: I was wrapped in a full-sized apron with sleeves: a cheery yellow, dotted with red strawberries. My hair was then pulled tightly into two braids. Apparently, I couldn’t […]

Blueberry Johnnycakes

I recently told my mom that one of my favorite dinners growing up was when we’d have ‘breakfast for dinner.’ Typically, it was warm scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese, pancakes, or waffles. The novelty of it, and the fact that syrup was involved, made it delightful. My mom laughed, because she made this meal at […]

Plain and Simple Pancakes

While it is important to have dinner as a family as many times per week as you can manage, sometimes schedules just don’t allow. A lush and leisurely weekend breakfast can make up for some missed family dinners — and nothing says weekend breakfast like pancakes. For such simple fare, there are a gazillion pancake […]