The Lunchbox #1

My little guy is attending preschool two days a week for the very first time (just for a few weeks this summer). He was a little nervous, but had an outstanding time his first day. His favorite part was visiting the Nature School bus (I know, can you believe it? An onsite school bus!) My favorite part? Packing his lunch!

I’ve had a few people ask me for lunch-packing ideas, or to-go snack ideas, so I thought I’d publish each of his lunches. No photos though — the light in my kitchen at the late hour I’m usually packing lunch is yucky. Plus I’m tired and want to go to bed.

My first step in packing a good lunch? A good lunch box and packing tins. We got this lunchbox, and a few items from here to get us started. Also an insulated bottle for cold water or milk. I’m also thinking of getting a little food thermos to keep things hot or cold.

My second step is to chat my kiddo up about lunch–we discuss thing he might like to take in his lunchbox, and before we leave for school he gets a little preview.

Lunchbox #1

sliced, pitted cherries
carrot sticks
cheese cubes
peanut butter roll-up sandwich (roll a slice of bread flat with a rolling pin, then spread with fixins and roll up)
Fruitabu fruit roll-up

Result: a quarter of the sandwich and two carrot sticks came back. Not bad!