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Blood Orange Caramel

Homemade caramel sauce is brightened with blood orange juice and a hint of vanilla. This makes a coveted gift, a sweet drizzle on ice cream, or a chewy layer in a sandwich cookie. It’s reminiscent of a Creamsicle. Caramel is easy, but working with scalding hot sugar that could burn in the blink of an […]

Honey Meyer Lemon Curd

So I realize this photo makes my dish look a little like a sunny-side up egg. It is not. It is a dollop of golden honeyed lemon curd. I came across Meyer lemons at the store (thought to be a cross between a lemon and a mandarin orange), which are super-seasonal around here. Last year […]

Concord Grape Jam

Have you ever tasted a Concord grape? They taste bright and intense, although they are a little unsettling to eat. There is a thick skin that covers a gelatinous sac of flavor that encases a few seeds. After sucking on a few, I’m done, although the flavor is amazing. One way to capture that flavor […]

Giveaway: Truffled Honey

Update: The gods at have smiled on Julie D.! Julie, send me your mailing address and the mushroom people will mail you your honey. The nice people at FungusAmongUs sent me a decadent little gift: honey with white truffles. I could smell the heady aroma of truffles before I even opened the jar. Would […]

Ode to the Quick Pickle

I love a good pickle. Sweet, spicy, garlicky, tart, live fermented…I haven’t met a pickle I don’t like, regardless of my pregnancy status. Making your own pickles at home is wonderful–not only will you get that smug Super Domestic Goddess feeling as you don your cute little apron to toss together some incredible snacks, but […]