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Fruit Salad with Maple Yogurt: Treat Number Nine

I decided to take the sage advice of a friend and reader (Laurel), and make at least some of our remaining treats on the light side. Just because it doesn’t contain a stick of butter, doesn’t mean it can’t be a treat, right? This was a festive accompaniment to a simple weekday breakfast. Bright citrus […]

Kid Snacks: Banana Stackers

This is a fun, yummy breakfast or snack for an older toddler (or an adult). Often our snacks and breakfasts are pretty simple–fruit and yogurt, crackers and cheese–so sometimes it’s fun to take a few more seconds to assemble something that will make your little one smile (and grab said snack before you are finished photographing […]

Pomegranate Cherry Pâte de Fruit: Treat Number Two

On the second day of Christmas, my true love gave to me: pâte de fruit! Or fruit jellies, as those of us who are not fancy-schmancy like to say. These jewel-toned beauties have a voluptuous, ripe flavor, and look lovely on a little plate at a party. I like to cut them small (1 inch […]

Grilled Cheese and Pear Sandwich

All kids love grilled cheese. And let’s be honest, most adults do too. I’ve written that grilled cheese and tomato soup are my #1 comfort food on a dismal day. What’s yours? There are 101 variations on this theme, but here is a twist that my son particularly enjoyed. Apple slices, cheddar, and leftover cranberry […]

Baby Food

It really isn’t difficult to make your own baby food, and there are some distinct advantages: Quality control: You pick, wash, cut, cook, and puree the produce yourself Customization: you can begin with foods well-thinned with breastmilk, and then make things chunkier and thicker as your baby gets accustomed to solids Variety: you aren’t going […]