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Hungarian Noodles and Cabbage

I wish I had a lovely story about my grandmother stirring up a pot of this when I was feeling sad, but alas, I don’t. This is an incredible comfort dish, it rivals grilled cheese and tomato soup. The egg noodles are soft, silky, salty, and buttery. The cabbage is sweet, nutty, and caramelized. Combined, […]

My first giveaway!

If you’re a regular reader, you will know that I am a wee bit smitten with this cookbook. It contains recipes for dishes that would have turned up on your grandmother’s table, or at a potluck dinner in the fifties. Think olives encrusted in cheddar dough and World War II Chocolate mayonnaise cake. But bonus,  […]

Whoopie Pies

My darling son recently turned 2. He was thrilled about his upcoming birthday, and the impending gifts, food, and grandparents. He loves to look through my cookbooks, so I let him pick out his own birthday treat. I thought he’d go for a cake, but he was more innovative than that – whoopie pies! Now […]

Aunt Fannie’s Toffee Chew Bars

Let me tell you this: I made these on a Monday night when my husband was working late. The next day at lunch he found them, and the dish was 2/3 empty. We’re talking a 9×13 pan here, people. Yikes. They are that good. Chewy, buttery, caramely – yum. Make some today. Aunt Fannie’s Toffee […]

Celery Seed Dressing

While I still have very ambitious garden plans, I’m getting a late start. Having a baby with a two year old already on the scene will do that to you. I did just put in no less than a million tomato plants, and quite a few peppers. Come August, if you need tomatoes for slicing, […]